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At Mountain Carpet Care, we offer a variety of carpet and home cleaning services for home, business, and rental property owners.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning increases the lifespan of your carpet and creates a healthier indoor environment. Carpet fibers hold termites and other allergens that regular vacuuming can miss. Deep cleaning is essential to prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, and mold in your home or office.

Carpet Repair & Stretching
Carpet stretching smooths the wrinkles out of your carpet and prevents dust and debris from settling in the uneven areas. Our skilled carpet technicians can re-attach your carpet to the tack strip where needed to ensure it is properly fastened along the edges.
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Area Rug Cleaning

To remove stains, allergens, and bacteria from your home, it’s important to deep clean your area rugs on a regular basis. Our expert rug cleaners will remove the unwanted materials that even the best vacuums leave behind.

utah grout cleaning
Tile & Grout Cleaning

Grout is a porous material that collects dirt, grime, and spills that discolor the surface. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service uses a proprietary hot water extraction cleaning method to clean out the hidden dirt and restore the luster to your floors.

utah upholstery cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning requires special equipment and know-how. First, upholstery is inspected to make note of any damage. Next, the fabric is vacuumed, conditioned, rinsed, and vacuum dried. We may use steam cleaning on more severe cases.

Air Duct Cleaning

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends homeowners clean their air ducts every 3-5 years. Air duct cleaning includes cleaning the supply, intake, and return vents using professional equipment. We clean all parts of your HVAC unit including registers, grills, and fans.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet stains that are not adequately cleaned not only cause the area to smell bad, they can also cause your carpet to appear unkempt and worn. Let us remove pet odors so that you and your family can breathe easy knowing that your carpets are clean and hygienic.

Covid sanitizing in utah
COVID-19 Sanitizing

We offer deep cleaning and extensive sanitation for homes and businesses in Utah. This service is ideal for rental properties or commercial buildings that need to be sanitized in order to follow COVID-19 protocols. We’ll ensure that your space is safe and sanitized with every job.