4 reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned
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When a carpet is clean and well maintained, it is generally not the focal point of a room. However, if you have ever walked into a room with a damaged or stained carpet, you know that the blemishes can quickly become a focal point and seriously detract from the aesthetics of a room. 

Aside from being unsightly, a dirty carpet can pose a health hazard by collecting dirt, bacteria, allergens, and other debris in its fibers. At-home cleaning and vacuuming certainly helps remove debris from carpets,  but there will inevitably be particles that are missed. These add up over time and can damage your carpet fibers, appear as unsightly stains, and can cause allergies and reactions to those living in your home.  This is why health experts and carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least one time per year.  This is especially true for homeowners in Utah, since most residents here have active lifestyles and pets that bring additional debris from outside into the home. 

If the above hasn’t convinced you that it’s time to call Mountain Carpet Care for a professional carpet cleaning in Summit Park, Park City, Kamas,  Herber, Timber Lakes, Midway, Wallsburg, Sundance, or any of the surrounding cities in Utah, here’s 4 reasons to schedule today – 

1.Everyone loves clean carpets.

The first thing people notice after having their carpets professionally cleaned is that their home automatically looks and feels more inviting. Dirty, stained carpets can make a space feel cluttered and unkempt. Having them cleaned can give your home a fresh, clean look and make it more inviting for guests and comfortable for you.

2. Improve your indoor environment. 

If you are like many other Utah residents, you might have an active lifestyle and enjoy outdoor sports. Consider this – you spend a day hiking in the mountains with your family enjoying the crisp, clean air, then come home to an environment harboring dust and allergens in your floor. Sound gross? It is. 

When you have your carpets professionally cleaned every year, you can rest assured knowing that your indoor air quality is improved when bacteria, allergens, and debris are removed from your carpet. 

3.Extend your carpet’s life. 

One of the benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned is that it can extend the overall lifespan of your carpet. Carpets are subject to a lot of wear and tear over time, and dirt and other particles that get trapped between the carpet fibers can error your carpet and make it wear and break down faster. Regular cleaning at home can help to minimize this, but professional cleaning is what truly makes a difference is removing the damaging particles and ensuring that your carpet is functional for years to come.

4.No one enjoys cleaning carpets.

While at-home cleaning is necessary, the products found in your cleaning closet can only do so much. Though it’s possible to rent professional equipment, you likely don’t have the expertise to deep clean like a professional. And lastly, we would be willing to bet that cleaning your carpets is pretty low on the list of ways you’d like to spend your weekend. 

The professional cleaners at Mountain Carpet Care have the equipment and experience to quickly and efficiently clean carpets, saving you time and effort. Call us today to schedule an appointment! 

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